Node Web Framework Comparison

Express vs. hapi vs. Sails

Posted by Ryan Lewis on August 6, 2015

While working on my next course for Pluralsight, I decided to write a concise article comparing popular web frameworks in node. After the success of my hapi course, I thought that people might want to better understand the differences between them and make an informed choice. In the article I lay out pros and cons of all three and what types of projects you should consider them for.

I had already worked with Express and hapi (and my preference should be obvious between the two), but Sails was new to me and a pleasant surprise. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of what Ember was doing on the client-side, especially with Sails’s built in CLI tool.

Okay, I’ve prefaced it enough, click the link for the article!

Read the full article on the Pluralsight Blog

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